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Next Performance Mastery Workshop this weekend

Friday, 11.10.2019 until Sunday, 13.10.2019, watch the video here:

Only ONE performance of „ONE“ this Saturday

Here´s the trailer for our performance this Saturday, October 5th. „ONE“ in collaboration with Keum Art Projects at „Das Dritte Land“, Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin. Beginning of the performance at 17.55h sharp. Bring your friends and family and invite everyone else to come along!
Thank you, Jury Rossetti, GMD Film for the beautiful trailer!

Performance „ONE“ at „Das Dritte Land“

On October 5th, I will be showing my performance „ONE“ at „Das Dritte Land“, an open-air art installation by Korean artists Han Seok Hyun and Kim Seung Hwoe, curated by Keumwha Kim.

I´m very pleased to announce the amazing international cast of artist I will be working with:

Alma Bellaagh Johansson (Sweden/Hungary), Barbara Bott (Germany), Minha Kim (Korea), Yannis Mitsos (Greece) and Sarah Vella (Malta) will dance.

Adriano Fontana (Italy) composed some impressive music for us, and fabulous videographer Jury Rossetti (Italy/Russia) will document rehearsals and the performance.

The performance will start at exactly 5.55pm, make sure to be on time!

„EXILE – There – Dissolving“

Dissolving, disappearing, drowning, burning, becoming one with the big void … giving up the old identity …

Watch my new Doina from the EXILE series:

Summer workshops at Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden

I´m very much looking forward to the workshops I´ll be conducting this summer at Japanisches Palais in Dresden!

More information.

Photo of exhibition "Die Erfindung der Zukunft" at Japanisches Palais Dresden

Photo of exhibition „Die Erfindung der Zukunft“, Japanisches Palais

EXILE – There – Uncertain

„There is a time for departure even when there´s no certain place to go.“ (Tennessee Williams)

This was the working ground for my new Doina of the „EXILE“ – cycle, also for composer Adriano Fontana who once again wrote and performed the music for it:

Premiere of „Romeo & Juliet“

The last week of rehearsals has begun and we are all looking forward to the premiere on June 1st. Hope to see you all there!

Order your tickets here.


New collaboration

I´m thrilled to announce that I will be collaborating with composer-musician Adriano Fontana on „EXILE“! „EXILE – There – Listening“ is our first joint venture:


„EXILE“ continued

Work on the center piece of this Doina cycle has begun: „EXILE – There – Lacrimosa“:

New exhibition – „Die Einäugigen“

Looking forward very much to my new exhibition at Te Quiero Nutz, Berlin. The Vernissage will take place on Saturday, April 13th 2019, 2 – 6pm, show and official opening at 3 pm. I will be presenting my new collage series „Die Einäugigen“ („The One-Eyed“).

Check out the trailer:


New Performance Mastery Workshop

The next workshop will take place 2. – 5. of May. For more information, please check the facebook event.


Choreography for Globe Berlin

I´m thrilled to announce that I will be choreographing Shakespeare´s „Rome and Juliet“ for the newly formed Globe Berlin ensemble! Rehearsals start in April, and the Premiere will take place on June 1st.

Opening of „I AM … Greetings

New Website

My photos, collages and Doinas have a new home – please visit to take a look at my fine art work.

„I AM … Greetings from Exile“


25 collages – like letters of an alphabet – or like words – or sentences – or stories

or like fragments of the self – images of uprootedness – longing for wholeness and freedom – like memos – like greetings from exile

the exile: a refuge an option a necessity a mental projection screen a yearning a place of fragility uprootedness a hope.

Show opening January 19th, 2-7pm at Te Quiero Nutz, Tango Concept Store, Boxhagener Str. 14, 10245 Berlin. Tango show and official opening at 3pm.

Watch the trailer:

Buy Art

If you are interested in buying my photos and collages, please send me an email. Prints are available in limited editions of 25. All prints are signed and numbered. Prices start at 270,- Euros.

„EXILE“ – The new Doina-Cycle

This cycle will be a long one. I will work on it for a whole year, from September 2018 to August 2019. The center piece of „EXILE“ –  „The Buenos Aires Cycle“ – will be made in Argentina´s capital from February to April 2019.

On a personal level, many have exiled themselves from their primal home, the body. On a societal level, migration and a life in exile (deliberately chosen or not) are a new norm.

Life takes place in our heads, seperated from the body. The image, clean and perfect, dominates society and its truths: the image of the body – how it should be, the image of the world – how bad it is … We live with extremely sharp black and white images that abound in the most briliant colors, overwhelming us by the omnipresence of the screens, on which they are presented in ever increasing resolution.

We live in a higher-further-faster mode. An unsharp focus, a blurriness in our thoughts, emotions and perceptions is not wanted. Forced to live a life of perfection, our lives pass by us. The inner trembling, the insecurities, the edges, the blurriness, the mysterious and the magical are banned from our lives.

In this work, I dive into exactly that blurred space of the improvised, which characterizes a life in exile. What does living in exile do to a person? How does she/he feel? How does it change her/him?

Watch the Doinas of „EXILE“ here.

Next Performance Mastery Workshop

For details on the next Performance Mastery Workshop in September, please click here.

Photo exhibition „Das Drinnen im Draußen“

Exclusively for 21st Real Estate GmbH  ´s  office at Hausvogteiplatz in Berlin, I have created a series of 12 photographs.

Visits by appointment only.

Read more here.




Vote for „60 Seconds of Now“

My video is running for competition in Hungary – your vote is greatly appreciated!

Showing „BLUE  – The Fragility of Being“

The opening of this exhibition at Te Quiero Nutz, Boxhagener Str. 14, 10245 Berlin will take place on Saturday, November 25th from 1pm – 8pm. A video installation, starring a special edition of the Doina cycle will be on show, as well as the 34 corresponding photos.

Watch the trailer:

Next Performance Mastery Workshop 6.-8. October2017

Find all details on facebook

Doina Cycle „Moment of Truth“

I´m very excited to announce the completion of my new Doina Cycle and photo project „Moment of Truth“. Take a look on Instagram and on Vimeo

New Performance Mastery Workshop 7.-9. July 2017

Check out the event on facebook


Walking through the streets of Berlin, little details of the buildings and objects I was passing started to catch my attention, as if they were talking to me. I decided to „listen“ with my camera, recording, as it were, the whispers, encoded in pictures that were kind of jumping at me. For prints/gallery inquiries, please email me.

Check out my Instagram page to see the result!

„find a new page and fall deep in love. Courtesy of@gabrieladumitrescudance 🎈“ EDAS Jewels (New York City, USA)

„This picture is one reason we´re on Instagram.“ retrospectiv band (Berlin, Germany)

„J´adore! gabrieladumitrescudance!“ Souhayl A, photographer (Paris, France)

©Gabriela Dumitrescu

Showing „Blue-Nigredo“ at Index Art Center Newark/NJ

Exciting news: As part of Filmideo 2017, my Doina „Blue-Nigredo“ will be on show all day at Index Art Center on April 29th (installation monitor).


New Doina-Cycle

I have started working on „Blue“, a new Doina-Cycle. I have called my dance videos „Doinas“. For one, a Doina is a Romanian musical tune; and then, my mother’s first name was Doina. So by calling my „danced self-portraits“ Doinas, I want to honour my heritage. I want my heritage to come alive, permeate and radiate through and in me, my art, my life.
Each cycle of Doinas has a title, which is something like a point of reference. Apart from that point of reference, each cycle documents a certain time of my life, like an artistic diary.

Check out (almost) daily new videos on Facebook (feel free to like and share)


or directly on Vimeo


or watch the current Doina here.

Performance Mastery Workshop 27.-29.01.2017

For singers preparing for upcoming auditions, recitals, competitions and performances. Find all details here:

Tanztechnische Grundlagen ab 10.01.2016

Besser tanzen – Grundlagen ohne Partner lernen und üben

Zusammen tanzen ist wie zusammen musizieren: je besser die technischen Grundlagen des Einzelnen sind, desto sicherer und nuancierter gelingt das Zusammenspiel. Wenn ich mir über meine Haltung, meine Achse und meine Koordination keine Gedanken mehr machen muss, weil ich für mich daran gearbeitet habe, kann ich mich voll und ganz dem Partner/der Partnerin und dem Tanz widmen.

Wie bewege ich mich elegant und mühelos? Wie kann ich fühl- und sichtbare Fortschritte beim Tanzen machen? Wie übe ich? Was ist die Achse? Wie stelle ich sie her? Wie erhalte ich sie aufrecht? Was ist Musikalität? Was ist Bewegungsqualität? Wie schütze ich mich vor Verletzungen? Wie kann ich eine bessere Tanzpartnerin, ein besserer Tanzpartner sein?

Antworten auf diese und viele andere Fragen gebe ich Sonntags von 16.30–18 Uhr im „CARAMBA tanz & co“, Greifswalder Str. 207, 10405 Berlin.

Der Unterricht beginnt Sonntag, den 10.01.2016. Der Einstieg ist jederzeit möglich.

Private Showing „Snapshots“

Nach gut einem Jahr der Zusammenarbeit zeigen Bruce Spear und ich nun Teile aus unserem Foto-Tanz-Video Projekt „Snapshots“ in Yury Kharchenko‘s art space. Hier gibt es die Details:


Ballettunterricht für RSG

Rhythmische Sportgymnastik? Absolut atemberaubend! Ich freue mich über die Einladung des BTB (Berliner Turn- und Freizeitsport-Bund e.V.), mich in Form von Ballettunterricht um den sehr talentierten Nachwuchs des Vereins kümmern zu dürfen.


Performance „Unplug your Ears“

Am 06.07.14 um 15 Uhr und um 15.45 Uhr fand meine neue Tanz-Performance „Unplug your Ears“ am Hackeschen Markt statt – hier gibt es ein kurzes Video. Vielen Dank an „The Trouble Notes“, die mit ihrer einzigartigen Musik die ideale Ergänzung bei dieser Performance waren!

„Our culture is obsessed with real events because we experience hardly any.“ (David Shields, „Reality Hunger“).

Was ist ein „echtes Erlebnis“? Welche Rolle spielt dabei unsere Wahrnehmung? Und wie bereit ist der Einzelne, seine ganz persönliche Welt zu öffnen, um sich mit dem zu verbinden, was um ihn herum ist?

10 Tänzerinnen und Tänzer sind diesen Fragen in „Unplug your Ears“ nachgegangen. Es tanzten:

Jorine Cheung, Gitta Grosse, Alexandra Schräpler, Maria Schwarz, Sonja Witte, Manuela, Andreas Diedrich, Jürgen Kühne, Christian Rapp, Friedrich.


Intensiv Tanz-Workshop in den Sommerferien für Teenager

Vom 28.07.–01.08.14 und vom 11.08.–15.08.14 haben 12–16-Jährige die Möglichkeit, zeitgenössische Tanztechnik zu trainieren und mit mir zusammen eine Choreographie zu entwickeln. Mehr Infos dazu gibt es hier.