What I do

What I do


As a dancer and choreographer I use the body as a means of expression. As a video artist, I record the movement of the body and edit the recorded sequences to create „paintings“ that consist of movement.

The Doinas are organized in cycles of which I have created seven so far:
„Snapshots“ (40 Doinas), „Blue“ (32 Doinas), „Moment of Truth“ (14 Doinas), „Raw“ (14 Doinas), „New Life“ (17 Doinas), „Mourning“ (4 Doinas), Doina video-installations (25 Doinas)

I am currently working on a year-long Doina installation cycle called „EXILE“.

Please visit my vimeo page to watch Doinas.


My work is characterized by high aesthetic standards, great musicality, clarity and lightness. I delight in collaborations with directors, composers and conductors, as long as everybody involved is committed to achieving the same objective, while respecting and appreciating the other´s abilities.

My movement vocabulary comprises ballet and contemporary dance techniques, historical dances, ballroom dances as well as Tango Argentino.

I have worked with professional and non-professional dancers, actors and singers ranging in age from 3 to over 60 years and I enjoy the rich diversity of personalities I am fortunate enough to work with.

New and/or experimental approaches are always welcome to me.

Having studied piano at the Musikhochschule Köln while still at school, my knowledge of musical structures is profound, and I love to work with composers, conductors and opera directors.

Movement Direction

For movement directions, I would like to be involved before rehearsals start, ideally right from the conceptional phase. Talking from experience, this makes rehearsals much more efficient and my position and function within the team are much better understood by the production team as well as by performers.

Private Dance Classes/Personal Training

Ballet is, to me, the best foundation for personal fitness, elegant and well-coordinated movement and any kind of dance you might want to master. Hence, I build my private dance classes on ballet technique (Anglo-American tradition). Whatever your current state of fitness, technical ability/knowledge or aim is – I will tailor my classes to suit your particular needs and wishes.

I believe in doing things, rather than talking about them, and my time is precious, as – I assume – is yours. Pinpoint precision, meticulous preparation of classes and disciplined, inspiring teaching ensure that you get the most out of a private class/a personal training with me.

Get in touch to talk about formats and prices.


Exclusively tailored to your wishes and needs, we will work on your posture, gait, appearance, self-awareness and the way you are perceived by others. Joy, creativity and lightness are the basic principles of our collaboration and will find their expression in your movements.

A Walk widens your perception of yourself and of others and thereby your sphere of influence.

Using professional, choreographic techniques, it inspires you to creatively, freely and consciously compose your movements.

As a key opens the door to a safe containing the most precious treasures, a Walk reveals possibilites to bring to life and express the most divers aspects of your personality by the way you move every day.

A Walk is movement poetry, enabling you to create a moving expression of your inner essence and look your best in any given situation.

Private Walk – inspiring, tailored work on your posture, general and specific movement coordination, self-perception and effect

Skype Walk – Emergency Kit for a strong, relaxed and authentic performance

Wedding Walk  for bride (and groom), includes exclusive choreography of the bridal dance (couples will look their best, even with no prior dance experience)

Singer´s Walk – perfect preparation for your performance, a specific role, an exam or an audition; also in collaboration with  Prof. Janet Williams


Walking through the streets of Berlin, little details of buildings and objects started to catch my attention, as if they were talking to me. I decided to „listen“ with my camera, recording, as it were, the whispers of the city, encoded in pictures that were jumping at me: photos


The collages I make are a synthesis of my minimalistic photographs and screenshots of my Doinas. They are related to the Doina cycles and yet series in their own right. I have just completed my 5th series „I AM…“, which is on show at Te Quiero Nutz in Berlin until March 2nd. Find out more about this part of my work on my new website or check out my instagram.