Skype Walk


Exclusively for 1 person per Skype

Wherever you are in the world: The Skype Walk offers the perfect last minute preparation for looking and feeling your best at any important event that you need to attend. Here are some examples for situation in which you might need a Skype Walk:

You have bought new shoes, a new dress, a new suite etc. that you are planning to wear for the first time at an important event. The day of the event you realize that you feel stiff and uncomfortable in your new clothes.

You have to give an important presentation or speech, you have to go on stage or otherwise appear in the spotlight of attention and, just before the date, you are beginning to feel insecure about it.

You are pitching an important project and want to make sure you appear competent and assertive.

During our Skype session, we will find ways of moving that will make you feel strong, relaxed, authentic – simply perfect in that specific situation.

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