Wedding Walk


©Nora Novak


The Wedding Walk consists of two parts that can be booked separately or together.

Bridal Walk

for the bride in gown and shoes

Your own individual way of walking becomes the perfectly balanced expression of inner harmony. You will pace through your Big Day elegantly, gracefully, poised.

– analysis of your personal posture and way of walking

– specific exercises to enhance, enrich and vary posture and way of walking

– joint creation of made-to-measure movements

One session, 2-3 hours

Bridal Dance

Exclusive choreography of the bridal dance

This dance will leave a lasting impression not only on the guests but also and foremost on the bridal couple. An entirely unique dance, created exclusively for the bride and groom, personalized in every respect to their wishes and abilities. No previous dance experience whatsoever is required. You will shine, and you will dance beautifully.

In a personal interview (ca. 60 minutes), we will get to know each other and talk about suitable music, ideas and possibilities. This appointment is included in the price – it is my gift to the Wedding Couple.

In two, maximum three rehearsals (each up to 3 hours), we will jointly create and rehearse the choreography.

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