Who I am

Foto von Gabriela Dumitrescu

Foto von Gabriela Dumitrescu

Gabriela Dumitrescu – Choreographer, Dancer, Video Artist, Photographer

It is my vision to inspire audiences through my art, bring more joy and lightness into their lives and make them (re-)discover the beauty of life. Every single piece of my work, be it Walk, Doina, choreography, movement direction, dance lesson or photograph, is shaped by my extensive professional experience as an artist, as a mother of three children and as a woman in motion whose life has always had momentum.

While still at school, I studied Music (piano) at the Musikhochschule Köln with Prof. Roswitha Gediga. Two semesters of Art History at the Albert-Ludwig Universität in Freiburg/Brsg. filled the time between A-levels and the beginning of my professional dance training.

I went on to London Contemporary Dance School („The Place“,London), where I completed the BA (Hons) dance degree program. After graduating from LCDS, I worked as a dancer, very soon beginning to choreograph my first pieces. Numerous choreographies and engagements as movement director in collaboration with renowned German directors followed.

I have worked with directors like Fred Berndt, Thomas Bischoff, Peter Stoltzenberg, Matthias Zahlbaum and Jochen Schölch; actors like Manfred Zapatka, Thomas Hodina and Hans-Peter Korff, as well as with internationally celebrated singers like Janet Williams, Laura Aikin and Jeffrey Francis; at prestigeous theaters and opera houses like Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin, Stadttheater Basel, Schauspielhaus Köln, Opera House Halle.

In 2010, I choreographed the dance scenes for ANONYMOUS, a feature by director Roland Emmerich, working with actors Joely Richardson and Jamie Campbell-Bower.

In 2014, I started experimenting with what I have come to call Doinas (a specific form of dance/movement on video that I have created, structured in cycles; please take a look here for more information and to view the actual Doinas).

At the beginning of 2017, while completing the Doina Cycle „Blue“, I began photographing. This led to yet another art work: collages of Doina-screenshots and my minimalistic photography.

Please check News for upcoming exhibitions, workshops and shows.

Last but not least: being a passionate Tango Argentino dancer, I was a finalist of the UK European Tango Championships 2017 together with my dance partner David Fröhlich.