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Welcome to my homepage! Please feel free to explore the site and allow yourself to be inspired. Here is a first, quick glance on what I do:


The Doina is a new artistic form which I have created. It is a synthesis of performance and visual art. It uses and develops aspects of the musical Doina (which is found in Romanian music and Jewish Klezmer) on a performance and visual arts level. My Doinas are performative miniatures that allow a universal reading of a personal experience.

More information on my work as video artist.


„Gabriela Dumitrescu is one of the rare choreographers who really know how to work with music.“ Ayumi Paul, Violinist & Composer

More information on my choreographic work for Opera, Theater, Film, Video, and Events.

Movement direction

„Gabriela´s gesamtkünstlerisches Lebenskonzept bereicherte all meine Arbeiten in ihrer Eigenschaft als Bewegungsexpertin für körperliche Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten.“ Matthias Zahlbaum , Actor & Director

More information on my work as movement director for Theater, Opera, and Film.

Private Dance Classes/Personal Training

„Gabriela´s ballet classes are highly professional and efficient. Her teaching is target-aimed, carefully structured and inspires our gymnasts to strive for the highest standards.“ Dr. Katja Kleinveldt, Head Coach German National Team Rhythmic Gymnastics & Head Coach Berlin Rhythmic Gymnastics Training Center

Be it ballet, contemporary dance technique, ballroom, or basic dance technique – I love teaching dance! If you are located in or visiting Berlin, we will work in a studio close to you. You may also book me for private dance classes/personal training anywhere in the world.

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„Mit dem Format des Walks öffnete Dumitrescu die Welt der Bewegung und des choreographierten Auftritts auch für Nichttänzer und erzielt damit bei den betreffenden Personen erstaunliche Ergebnisse. Ich bin von der professionellen Qualität der Arbeit von Gabriela Dumitrescu völlig überzeugt.“ Carsten Hokema, Expert for Entrepreneurship and Creative Strategies, Founder of „innodate“

True luxury is found at the core of your personality.
A Walk is the key to that core.
A Walk is movement poetry. It is an artistic process that enables you to move elegantly, confidently and look your best in any situation.
A Walk is THE tool in the conscious creation of your personal style.
Developed by me… Only Walks by Gabriela Dumitrescu are the original.

Wedding Walk

The Wedding Walk combines the poetry of the Walk with the uniqueness of the Bridal Dance, choreographed exclusively for you.


Take a look at my photos here.

I use my photos and screenshots of my Doinas to create collages. You can see them on my new website or follow me on instagram.